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The Happy Startup Canvas

Author: Moniek Falck

Over the past years, I’ve sat at the table with a dozen start-up entrepreneurs – mainly in the creative industries – with plans to kick-off their business ‘on the go’. In their enthusiasm for their idea or business they want to go fast forward, without overthinking some of the basic principles of running a sound business. What is my team? What skills and expertise do I need? Do I need start-up capital? How can I stick to my core values and proposition? How do I stay focused during the development process towards market launch? All these are the basic ingredients for kicking off a good communication campaign, as well. The Happy Startup Canvas, developed by Laurence McCahill, provides an easy accessible business model canvas that will absolutely help start-up entrepreneurs in the process of modelling their business!

Read this article http://www.bloovi.be/nieuws/detail/duurzaam-startup-model-the-happy-startup-canvas (in Dutch) or jump directly to a detailed description of the Happy Startup Canvas at https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/76a71edc4af8.